Environmental Policy

Environmental Philosophy

Recognizing that protection of the global environment is a vital theme common to all human beings, Kamigumi Co., Ltd. seeks to achieve harmony between business activities and protection of the environment. The Company strives to reduce its environmental impact through the implementation of environmentally conscious business practices and to promote continuous Group-wide environmental protection activities, thereby contributing to society.

Environmental Policy

  1. To protect the global environment, the Company shall comply with laws, regulations, ordinances and rules relating to environmental conservation.
  2. The Company shall strive to use limited natural resources effectively and prevent environmental pollution by promoting resource saving, energy saving, recycling, reuse, waste reduction and proper treatment, and pollution emission reduction.
  3. The Company shall strive to continually improve its environmental performance, by setting environmental targets, taking into account various environmental impacts associated with our business activities; by implementing planned environmental activities in a systematic manner to achieve the set targets; and by periodically reviewing its activities.
  4. The Company shall implement environmental education, training and internal publicity activities to raise employees' understanding of global environmental awareness issues, and increase their participation in environmental activities, to promote smooth environmental management.
  5. The Company shall disclose this environmental policy widely to the public through its website and other means.