Kamigumi at a Glance

As a global partner in international multimodal transport,
Kamigumi uses the soft and hard infrastructure base it has amassed
over many years to provide optimal logistics solutions.

Established in 1867

Originally called Kobe Hamanaka, Kamigumi was established at the same time as the opening of Kobe Port. The company’s name was changed to Kamigumi Hamanaka in 1873, after being put in charge of handling cargo on the up-harbor (or ‘kami’) side of the port. This was the source of our present-day name, Kamigumi.

A Leading Harbor Logistics Company

Kamigumi possesses a rich array of harbor infrastructure assets, including independently operated container terminals in Kobe and Tokyo. We boast the top share in Japan’s six major harbors. In addition to a wealth of logistics facilities and highly efficient IT systems, as a comprehensive logistics company we also maintain a broad expertise base that amassed over many years, allowing us to consistently innovate and propose new services.

Expanding Our Global Network

Kamigumi’s first foray into overseas operations was in 1968, when we established representative offices, in locations such as Singapore and Indonesia, with staff stationed from Japan. Our international logistics network currently comprises around 30 sites worldwide, with a focus on Asian locations where the growth is fierce, such as China, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. We will continue to expand our global network in the future.

Kamigumi Staff Support Quality

Kamigumi’s greatest strength is our on-site capabilities. As a logistics coordinator, we foster independence and creativity through proactive thought and action, and through the free flow of opinions.