Kamigumi's Businesses

As a leading international logistics partner,
Kamigumi's business is to manage the flow of goods.


Harbor Transportation Division

image of terminal

Terminal Operation

We boast independently operated container terminals at Tokyo and Kobe ports that are equipped with the latest, cutting-edge facilities. We implement highly efficient handling, from depot ships to distribution centers.

image of terminal operator

Import Division

image of Customs Clearance

Imports and Exports

We handle a variety of import and export related tasks and procedures for our customers, including everything from arranging with shipping companies to creation of import and export documents, customs declarations, customs inspections and quarantines.

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Warehouse Management

We possess warehouses, at Japan's major harbors, capable of a variety of temperature ranges and equipped with a range of features. We store goods in the optimal conditions to preserve quality and meet the specific needs of individual cargo.

image of Fixed-Temperature Warehouse

Heavy Cargo Division

image of large industrial equipment

Heavy Cargo Transportation

We have accumulated the facilities and expertise necessary to transport large-scale industrial equipment such as power generating plant equipment, chemical plant equipment and rolling stock. We support societal infrastructure through logistics.

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Iron and Steel Division

image of On-Site Factory Transportaion

On-Site Factory Transportation

We use our unique expertise to offer a variety of services, including transporting large raw materials from depot ships into factories, processing steel sheet and shipping products.

image of transporting large raw materials

International Multimodal Transport Division

image of ship and aircraft

International Multimodal Transport

We engage in global, door-to-door logistics, combining land, sea and air transportation. We are also pursuing a modal shift to rail transportation.

image of Sea Freight

Global Network

We maintain bases in regions throughout the world, including China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South America. We offer worldwide logistics solutions.

Other Divisions

image of buildings and solar panels

Real Estate Business

In order to effectively utilize land held by Kamigumi, we develop rental apartments in various locations. We also develop and operate commercial facilities, parking facilities, and other real estate.

image of rental apartments

Solar Power Business

We utilize company facilities and land to carry out mega-solar power generation. Our solar power business helps reduce environmental impact on the planet.

image of solar panels

We also engage in a wide range of other businesses, including brewing of Iwagawa Jozo genuine shochu and cultivation of Sunny Place Farms ultra-sweet tomatoes.