Charter of Corporate Behavior

Principle 1.Enhancing Customers Satisfaction

We will gain customers satisfaction, reliance and also to promote social contribution by offering quality of distribution services based on experience and know-how accumulated since our establishment.


  • As a professional of total logistics partner, We will provide to customers diversifying needs with our original services, and with professional spirit.

Principle 2.Fair and Transparent Business Practices

In our business, we will engage in fair, transparent and free competition and proper business transactions.


  • We do not engage in collusive relationships with antisocial forces or with any particular organizations.
  • Conduct fair business activities in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Conduct fair transactions, abiding by all applicable laws and regulations including the Antimonopoly Act and the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds.
  • Do not engage in collusive bidding.
  • Properly manage confidential information of the Group as well as customer information acquired through business activities.
  • Conduct transactions with clients on an equal footing, based on the contract agreed upon.

Principle 3.Communication Activities

We will actively communicate with our stakeholders and disclose information timely and in appropriate way.


  • Promote communication with stakeholders through general shareholders' meetings, and public relations and investor relations activities.
  • Achieve highly transparent management through timely and accurate information disclosure.
  • Fulfill accountability to stakeholders by providing adequate information to make them understand about corporate activities.

Principle 4.Creating an Open and Active Corporate Culture

We respect human rights and will not commit or permit discrimination in and outside the company: on the grounds of gender, creed, physical conditions and social status. We will also strive to create a positive work environment where employees can feel comfortable and find fulfillment.


  • Create a work environment where diverse employees can demonstrate their abilities to the fullest.
  • Improve the occupational health and safety system to eradicate industrial accidents.
  • Respect the personality of employees and support their career and skills development.
  • Recognizing that the existence of a company is supported by its employees, respect individual employees as fellow members working together, without discriminating on the grounds of gender, age, position, birth origin, and other factors.

Principle 5.Promotion of Environmental Management

Recognizing that addressing environmental problems is essential to corporate existence and activities, we will not only observe environmental laws, regulations and standards in all aspects of our business activities, but also actively and voluntarily engage in activities to protect the environment.


  • Set environmental targets for the Group and implement group-wide initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities, and continuously improve environmental management through periodical reviews of the Group's environmental performance.
  • Promote effective use of limited resources by actively engaging in energy-saving, resource-saving, recycling, reuse, and waste reduction activities.
  • Offer environmentally sound distribution services, as a highly professional total distribution service provider.
  • Strive to reduce, as much as possible, the environmental impacts of the use of automobiles and business activities including the operation of warehouses and terminals.
  • Increase employee knowledge and awareness of environmental conservation through environmental education and publicity activities.

Principle 6.Contribution to the Local Community

We will actively engage in social contribution activities to coexist harmoniously with the local communities, as a well corporate citizen.


  • As a community-based company, actively participate in community events and activities to contribute to the local community.
  • Respect the culture and norms of the community in which we operate and conduct business activities that will contribute to the development of the community, taking into consideration its specific circumstances.

Principle 7.Response to Antisocial Forces

We shall resolutely confront antisocial forces and organizations that threaten the order and security of civil society.


  • Ensure the three principles on antisocial forces (not to fear, not to give money, and not to use) are fully understood and implemented throughout the Group.
  • Establish an internal system to systematically deal with antisocial forces.

Principle 8.Cooperation with International Society

In international business activities, we not only comply with international rules and the laws and regulations of the countries and regions where we operate, but also conduct business respecting local culture and customs, so as to strengthen cooperation and build mutual trust with the international community.


  • Promote international business activities, by fully understanding and complying with the international rules as well as the laws and regulations of the countries and regions where our business operations are based.
  • Check overseas business sites through internal audit by our internal audit team to determine whether their management strategies and business plans are in conformity with the Group's management policy, so as to enhance the transparency of the management.
  • Encourage employees working in overseas locations not only to learn local languages, but also to deepen their understanding of local culture and customs.

Principle 9.Implementation of the Spirit of the Charter

Top management of the Kamigumi Group companies must recognizes that it is their roles to take the lead in ensuring that all affiliated companies and business partners are fully aware of and understand this Charter. Furthermore, top management should always try to keep abreast of the opinions of those both inside and outside the corporation and establish an effective system throughout the corporation to ensure thorough implementation of the Charter.


  • Top management should display leadership to the fullest possible extent, clearly lay out the management philosophy and codes of conduct, and ensure thorough implementation of the philosophy and codes within the Group.
  • From the point of risk management, top management must set up internal systems to prevent an emergency situation from occurring and to respond effectively in the event of an emergency situation, and review and modify these systems as appropriate.

Principle 10.Responsibility of Top Management

In the case that the Charter is violated, top management of the Group companies should demonstrate, both internally and externally, their determination to resolve the problem, identify the cause and take measures to prevent the recurrence of similar violations in the future. At the same time, top management should promptly make full public disclosure, explain fully what has occurred, and, upon clarifying the relevant authority and responsibility, impose strict disciplinary action against those held responsible, including top management itself.


  • When an emergency arises, promptly conduct an investigation under the leadership of top management, identify the facts and causes, and implement appropriate policies and measures as a responsible corporation to deal with the situation.
  • Top management should give the public as promptly as possible an explanation of the facts, the policies adopted to address the matter, and the measures needed taken to prevent a recurrence.