Construction and Mechanical Work Services

We handle installation and related logistics for a variety of construction machinery. This includes planning, construction work, demolition and removal for plants, warehouses and other similar facilities. We also engage in manufacture and installation of a variety of industrial facilities and equipment, as well as installation work accompanying transport.

Construction Services

We perform everything from design and execution through maintenance of every type of facility. This includes housing, warehouses such as fixed-temperature and cold storage warehouses, offices and stores such as convenience stores.

  • Toyohashi Port Training CenterToyohashi Port Training Center
  • Family Mart Kobe Rokko Island StoreFamily Mart Kobe Rokko Island Store
  • Joshin Electric Ako StoreJoshin Electric Ako Store

Breakdown and Disposal Operations

We conduct the breakdown and disposal of large equipment and facilities, such as steel plant rolling mill production lines and large conveyor systems for sand and rock.

Breakdown and Disposal Operations

Machinery and Engineering Services

Production Unit

We design and construct steel structures, such as power plant chimneys, steel towers, conveyor frames and tanks.

Production Unit


We construct and maintain amusement facilities throughout Japan. Of particular note is the fact that Kamigumi has installed six* of the seven wood-frame roller coasters operating in Japan.

* As of April 2016.


Machinery Maintenance

Kamigumi handles the maintenance of facilities it has made or installed, as well as that of facilities such as rolling mill production lines and large conveyors.