CASE Study 4
"Company A", a Hong Kong Foods Importer Thanks to Favorable Changes in Government Policy,
Developed One-Stop Service for Exporting Foods
from Japan

Case Study: Exporting Food Products Overseas

Customer Concerns

  • Needed speedy exports, with storage at optimal temperatures, so as to deliver still-fresh agricultural, marine and foodstuff products from Japan to Hong Kong.
  • Wanted to export not only FCL*1, but also by-kilogram and by-palette shipments.
  • Desired a comprehensive logistics agent, capable of handling not only Japanese operations but also complex overseas custom procedures and delivery to final destinations.

*1 FCL: Full Container Load.

Kamigumi Solutions

  • Utilized our expertise in transporting a wide variety of produce to ensure safe and high-quality export by swift cargo collection and storage at appropriate temperatures.
  • Offered both air and sea transportation,with refrigerated LCL*2 maritime shipping for small lots.
  • As foodstuff transportation pros, the Kamigumi Group offered total support to the customer both in Japan and overseas.

*2 LCL: Less than Container Load.

Visitors to Japan from overseas have been on the increase, particularly from Asia, and the buying power and brand consciousness of consumers in these countries has also grown. As a result, consumer demand in Asia for safe and delicious Japanese produce (apples, strawberries, peaches, grapes, etc.) is also increasing. Supported by the Japanese government's strategy for exporting of agricultural, marine and foodstuff products, the number of customers in Asian countries such as Hong Kong and Taiwan who are interested in importing fresh and high-quality Japanese agricultural, marine and foodstuff products, and the number of export companies interested in proactive export trades, has also increased.

Beginning in 1923, when we started handling banana cargo imports from Taiwan, the Kamigumi Group has amassed a wealth of expertise, and concrete results in fruits and vegetables transportation. We utilize our experience in transporting flowering plants, which require delicate temperature controls and speedy transportation, to build supply chains that offer total support, with everything from cargo collection and arranging for land and air shipping in Japan, to import, customs procedures and delivery overseas. We provide services for Japanese and overseas customers that match both of their needs. We provide speedy fruits and vegetables shipments —which require specific temperature controls—while also preserving quality and freshness.

In Japan, our Osaka branch foodstuffs export office carries out cargo collection and shipping arrangements from produce markets, agricultural co-ops and producers, according to order, while our export division, the International Logistics Division, carries out export procedures and international shipping arrangements. Air or sea transportation is utilized, depending on the volume and special needs of the cargo. Air shipments are sent in collaboration with the Group's “Kamigumi Air Service Co., Ltd." For maritime shipping, even small shipments can be sent using our refrigerated LCL services to ensure fresh transportation to Hong Kong. The Group offers comprehensive shipment for the shortest lead time in the logistics industry, with Group company “Kamigumi (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd." handling everything from import customs clearance to local cargo handling and delivery arrangements. We also help reduce shipping costs for the customer.

In the future we will work to meet increasingly diversified needs, expanding service branches in Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore and Thailand, expanding coverage to more items such as vegetables, rice, flowering plants, seafood and foodstuffs (snack foods, alcoholic beverages, etc.), and increasing the temperature ranges we offer.